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What Every Soccer Parent Should Know About Soccer Camps »

Choosing the right soccer camp for your child involves some important research. Because the summer soccer camp experience will have significant impact on your child’s game and their general attitude, it’s important that as a soccer parent to learn to choose a camp wisely.

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Womens Soccer History »

Anyone who thinks that women’s soccer is a new idea couldn’t be more wrong. Women have been playing the sport for as long as it has existed. Long before Premiership leagues and cup contests were formed, women were thought to have played the sport in some of the most ancient of civilizations.

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How to Improve Your Defense »

Soccer training drills and soccer fitness involves a lot of running, short sprints and longer distance running, however there is one key aspect of soccer training and defensive soccer drills that is overlooked in a large number of soccer training programs. Read the rest

Refereeing Controversy Hyundai A-League Grand Final »

The Newcastle Jets are the Australian Hyundai A-League 2008 Grand Final champions after defeating the Central Coast Mariners in Sydney last night, 1-0 Read the rest

Beach Soccer »

Beach soccer is growing in popularity by the day. When soccer is mentioned most people think of the traditional soccer game that is played on a field. Most soccer teams, including the soccer World Cup teams, do in fact play this most widely recognized form of soccer. This form of soccer is known as beach soccer.

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How To Make Kids Listen »

Coaching youth soccer and working with kids can be both highly rewarding but extremely challenging. Ever wonder why teachers look so old after about five years of service? As a soccer coach, do you find yourself having to repeat everything maybe once, twice and then frustration sets in and you end up yelling and screaming at them? At that moment – you have probably lost your patience and you have also probably lost them!

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How To Head The Soccer Ball Correctly »

Youth soccer players can be reluctant to head the ball because of the fear of getting hurt. When coaching youth soccer, specifically beginners, your role is to remove this fear. You can do this by applying the following soccer coaching tips.

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Central Coast Mariners Make Hyundai A-League Grand Final »

Australian soccer witnessed another showpiece game last night as the Central Coast Mariners powered into the Hyundai A-League 2008 Grand Final after defeating the Newcastle Jets at Gosford, 3-0. Starting the game with a two goal deficit after the first round, they needed at least two goals to force the game into extra time to give them any chance of being the first team into the Grand Final to be played at Sydney in two weeks time.

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