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I am currently coaching my sons U16A team as well as a Premier League Men’s team.  One of the frustrations I have experienced over many years of [tag-tec]soccer coaching[/tag-tec] is feeling like I was a ‘pack horse’.  In other words, I felt like I did not have enough arms to carry everything that was required for training sessions and match days.  Well, my days of making two and three trips back and forth from the car and leaving [tag-tec]soccer gear[/tag-tec] at home are over.  I have come across a valuable resource that every coach should have as part of their soccer coaching equipment.

Soccer Bag


  • The first thing that struck me was the size of the bag.  It has ample storage space to carry up to 10 balls, plenty of vests and cones and other soccer coaching equipment.  For example, if you purchased some of those fold away poles, they would also fit nicely into the bag.  Although the bag is roomy, it is by no means cumbersome.
  • I like the idea of having a separate pocket within the bag to keep vests or cones separate from the rest of the bag.
  • There is also a pocket on the outside that I found handy for putting a notepad in or ball pump or other smaller item.
  • The bag comes with handles as well as a shoulder strap which I found a more efficient way of carrying it when fully laden.
  • I also liked the sturdiness of the bag.  It is tough.  It is made out of good quality material and the zippers also appear to be strong and of good quality.


  • As the bag is quite big and with a full load of [tag-tec]soccer balls[/tag-tec], vests, training cones and sometimes strips, the bag can get quite heavy, especially if everything is wet.  I would recommend that the bag has wheels on it similar to what some travel luggage has.  A small handle on the end would allow you to easily pick it up and wheel it.


I highly recommend the bag, I must admit, it certainly had positive comments from those that saw it, including [tag-tec]soccer players[/tag-tec] and coaches.  It is more than a ball bag and should not really be classified as one as it is far more versatile than that.  It should be an essential part of any [tag-tec]soccer coaches’[/tag-tec] kit.  Have a look at the soccer coaching equipment that is available at Soccer Pro, I am sure you will find something suitable for you.

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  2. By Volunteer coach on Feb 16, 2011 | Reply

    A cheaper Solution, rather than buy more items to help carry more things self, have players and parents carry items in and out for you.

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