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Goalkeeping Glove Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a couple of products from Soccer Pro.  If you have not heard of Soccer Pro, they are now one of the largest online suppliers of [tag-tec]soccer equipment[/tag-tec] and clothing.  The first review we will give you today is for goalkeeping gloves.  The review is done by my son Matthew who is a Goalkeeper in a local U16A competition.  We have summarized the feedback into Positive (good points) and Improvement (where we think the item can be improved).

I gave Matthew a pair of Reusch Contact Gloves to try out under all performance conditions including both training and match conditions.


  • Matthew found that the grip was good.  This was in both dry and wet conditions.  He has far more expensive gloves and he found that the grip of these gloves were equal if not better than the most expensive brand.
  • Matthew also found that the gloves were comfortable.  They were a good fit and felt good on.  He thought they were ‘Part of his hand”.  This is obviously an important criterion for a [tag-tec]goalkeeper[/tag-tec] when assessing any goalkeeping glove.


  • The main area that Matthew felt that these gloves could be improved on was the amount of padding.  While the grip was good, he felt that the gloves lacked sufficient padding in particular around the palm of the hand.


Matthew found the Reusch Contact Glove to be a good glove under all conditions and represents good value for money.  Have a look at the Reusch Contact Glove and let me know what you think.  Also, while you are there, take a look around some of the other great deals that Soccer Pro has on goalkeeper gear.

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  2. By football gifts on Jun 13, 2010 | Reply

    A good review, thank-you, I will visit the site.

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