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Youth Soccer Drills – Passing Skill U6-U9 »

The age group between U6 to U9 is sometimes referred to as the ‘Fun stage’. In a lot of cases the kids have been encouraged to play the game by their parents or their friends at school are playing soccer so they want to play with them. It is an age where they are to young both mentally and physically to cope with the more tactical and technical elements of the game. It is however an age where they can still be exposed to the basic soccer training skills and have fun while doing it.

Passing is one [tag-tec]soccer skill[/tag-tec] that can be taught from an early age. If a player cannot pass a [tag-tec]soccer ball[/tag-tec] accurately they will find it difficult to go on and play at a higher level. Children at this age love to get on the field and run, chase the ball and kick. Practicing passing drills is an easy task and can be done at soccer training as well as at home in the backyard.

Soccer Drills To Practice


Firmly kick using the inside of the foot. Put the non-kicking foot comfortably beside the ball pointing towards the target. The body weight rests on the sole and knee is slightly bent. The kicking leg is turned outward from the hip until the inside of the foot is at right angles to the target and knee is slightly bent. Ensure the body is leaning forward with the arms assisting for balance and eyes focused on the ball. This [tag-tec]soccer drill[/tag-tec] can be practiced very easily with minimal equipment. The only soccer coaching equipment required is one [tag-tec]soccer ball[/tag-tec] between two players and two markers.

Two players standing opposite each other, approximately 2 yards apart, practice passing the ball to each other firmly but accurately. The distance can be increased as the players timing and accuracy improves. A variation of this drill can be used where a triangle is formed with three players passing the ball to each other using the same technique. It is important that this [tag-tec]soccer drill[/tag-tec] is practiced for probably no longer than about 15 minutes as children of this age will be unable to maintain concentration on the soccer drill for much longer than this.


Once the ball is passed, the player will receive the ball back. The ball should be controlled with a soft first touch with the instep of the foot and always keep the ball in front of the player. The player can then take a step forward and pass the ball back to their teammate again.

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