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Total soccer fitness is the only way to move ahead in the sport, all the skill in the world will not help if your team is unable to run up and down the field for ninety minutes without feeling short of breath. As a soccer coach, I am a very big believer in my players being fit. They need to work extremely hard pre season and then taper off when the season commences. A good soccer fitness program will prepare any player for the stresses and strains that a game can produce and allow them to be able to perform at their very best level.

As a muscle contracts it gives off a very high amount of force, this is the point where it gives off its most energy. This optimum power output is a very important part of a [tag-tec]soccer fitness program[/tag-tec] as it plays such an important role in the basics, such as kicking, when the force is applied at the moment of impact.

A [tag-tec]total soccer fitness[/tag-tec] training program is very effective for the building of not only strength but also a high level of speed. Following a program is the fastest way to total soccer Fitness. Fitness training in soccer is considerably simpler when players and their coaching staff work in harmony to enhance strength combined with speed to produce a high degree of [tag-tec]total soccer fitness[/tag-tec].

One popular way of working towards these goals is plyometrics exercises that are constructed in such a way as to stretch groups of muscles before the muscles contract. This will result in a far more forceful contraction of the muscles. This is an excellent way of enhancing as well as increasing the strength and speed in a [tag-tec]soccer fitness program[/tag-tec]. Plyometrics exercises avoid the use of free weights or weight machines, instead working with basic exercise mechanisms to produce excellent results.

An example of these very simple but effective plyometrics exercise routines is to simply run in slow motion, just as seen on the instant replay at an athletics event. Then jump up and down using alternate legs, the idea is to obtain fitness training in soccer by steadily increasing the length and height of these jumps as well as the length of the slow motion running stride creating muscle strength and flexibility.

A total soccer fitness regime is the only way to improve the overall performance of individuals or the whole team by stretching all the elements to produce a team that can achieve [tag-tec]total soccer fitness[/tag-tec].

A number of months ago I was looking to implement some form of fitness program for my teams. After much searching and talking to fitness trainers I came across a book that has proved to be a tremendous resource. The first six sections of the book cover the core elements of an effective soccer conditioning program… everything from aerobic training to fitness testing. In each of these sections you will find sample programs, exercises and drills.

The final section pulls everything together. It features sample annual and pre season programs you can begin using immediately.

I challenge you to find a more comprehensive soccer fitness and conditioning book on the market. If you are a parent that has a child playing soccer, if you are a coach or a player, this book covers everything to do with fitness. You will not need to buy another fitness book again. If you follow the program in this book you will be fit enough to outlast any opposition. By the way, if you purchase this book, you will also receive a comprehensive book on Soccer Nutrition.

I highly recommend this book, check it out by clicking on here.

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  2. By soccer86 on May 12, 2008 | Reply

    would you recommend this for high level youth players?

  3. By Muz on May 12, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Soccer86,

    Firstly, thanks for your question. I have personally used the Total Soccer Fitness Program on Youth players some that are playing at a representative level. This program is very comprehensive and is easily adaptable to whatever the skill level or fitness level is of the players you are coaching. To give you an idea of how comprehensive this book is I have copied the headings from one chapter of the book below which deals with ‘Fitness Testing’

    Testing soccer fitness 97
    Fitness testing guidelines 99
    When is the best time to fitness test? 100
    Aerobic endurance testing 100
    VO2max – A soccer player’s aerobic power 100
    Aerobic endurance tests for soccer 102
    Strength testing 104
    Maximal strength tests for soccer 104
    Strength endurance test for soccer 105
    Explosive power tests for soccer 106
    Speed & agility testing 108
    Speed tests for soccer 108
    Agility tests for soccer 108
    Speed endurance tests for soccer 109
    Flexibility testing 111
    Flexibility test for soccer 111
    A sample soccer fitness test battery 113

    As mentioned this book is suitable for soccer players of all ages and skill levels. The book is well constructed and presented with terrific diagrams. I highly recommend it.
    Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

  4. By Max Letni on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    I think soccer is great because it conditions the body and improves your fitness program. But that’s not all, it’s fantastic to watch!!

    @Soccer86 ~ I would recommend this to higher lvl players b/c a challenge is what makes people better; visit for enhanced videos, fitness plan tutorials, tips and more!

    Thanks for your community contribution, I appreciate it 😀

    +Max Letni

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