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Soccer Coaching Equipment –The 7 Items You Must have »

[tag-tec]Coaching youth soccer[/tag-tec] you will need some soccer coaching equipment to get you started and assist in your soccer training session.  When I started out coaching U5 and U6 players, all that was required were a few [tag-tec]soccer balls[/tag-tec] and a few markers to form a small grid.  As the kids became older and started to play on larger fields and[tag-tec] soccer drills[/tag-tec] became more technical, my requirements as a coach changed.

Our soccer club provides each coach with a kit bag for their [tag-tec]soccer training sessions[/tag-tec].  This bag has a minimum amount of [tag-tec]soccer coaching equipment[/tag-tec] to get them through the season.  We would love to provide all of our youth coaches a comprehensive brand new kit bag every year, full of new [tag-tec]soccer balls[/tag-tec], vests and markers, however the cost becomes prohibitive.

I believe there are a few must have’s when it comes to [tag-tec]soccer coaching equipment[/tag-tec] no matter what level you are coaching at.  I have listed these below and I have also listed ‘other’ equipment that would assist you further in running an effective [tag-tec]soccer training[/tag-tec] session.

Must Have’s       (To get you started)     

• Soccer Balls (training) Ideally one for each player, however one between two is OK
• Pump and needles
• Whistle and notepad
• First Aid Kit
• Disc Cones and holder
• Mesh Ball Bag
• Vests (two colours)

Nice To Have     (You can build up to these over time)

• Magnetic Coaches Board
• Poles
• Hurdles
• Speed Ladder
• Pop Up Goals
• Speed rings
Most small soccer clubs are unable to afford to purchase brand new soccer coaching equipmentfor all of their members involved in[tag-tec] coaching youth soccer[/tag-tec].  It can be a very expensive exercise so I resorted to making up my own kit. This can be done over a period of time when you have some spare cash and before to long you will have your own kit and will also look very professional on the training pitch. When you are looking around to make up your own soccer coaching equipment kit, don’t forget your goalkeeper
There are a number of places that sell soccer coaching equipment.   Use the list above as a guide, shop around, compare prices and make up your kit.

If you require assistance in finding good quality and cheap soccer training gear, contact me and I can provide you with a couple of great suggestions to purchase your soccer gear, taking into account your specific needs.

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