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If you are new to soccer and you are wondering what sort of equipment is required, I have listed the basics and I also want to provide you with a little bit of history around some of the soccer equipment that is used today.

Soccer equipment is regulated by soccer’s governing body, FIFA. The soccer equipment that players wear includes a jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks, shin guards and shoes. Wearing gloves and goggles is permitted by players in any position not just the goalie. The goalie can sometimes wear caps when they face the sun, so as to have an interrupted view without the sun being in their eyes. Each side must also wear a different color jersey in the team’s colors; all teams’ equipment including youth soccer equipment is identical.

Each soccer club will buy soccer equipment in particular jerseys for all their teams, including a ‘home’ and an ‘away’ strip. Usually, a team has its main colors at home and must change the colors when playing away. Some coaches like to train their teams in a particular jersey which is not their normal playing strip. This is not a bad idea as it adds a degree of professionalism to the team. There are a number of outlets that sell discount soccer equipment including cheap soccer jerseys.

The first jerseys were fairly thick woollen items they were worn during the first half of the twentieth century. With the adoption of cotton shirts and synthetic fibres from the 1960’s, soccer jerseys have become very light. Additionally, Polyester and nylon, which these days incorporates fibre drainage systems to take away perspiration, has made jerseys more comfortable and cooler to wear in all conditions.

Football boot styles changed considerably post World War 2. The South Americans started the style change with a lighter, more flexible football boot. It was not until 1948 when the Adidas company was formed by Adolf Dassler that we saw the emergence of the first modern soccer shoes marketed by Adidas soccer equipment. Since 1990, the best shoes are usually made of kangaroo skin with plastic soles and aluminum studs.

The soccer ball has set dimensions and style, adapted from those first introduced in 1872. The ball must be spherical, leather or any other matter, must have a circumference of not more than 70 cm and at least 68 cm, weighing 450 g or less and 410 g of at least the beginning of the match and pressure 0.6 to 1.1 atmosphere (600 – 1100 g / cm ²). These dimensions for kid soccer equipment require that they are smaller for the balls used for players under 13 years of age. Since 1 January 1996, only balls Fifa Approved soccer balls are used in international competitions organised by FIFA

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    id like you guys to tel me what kind of equpment that you need to be wearing of the feild…♥

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