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Although soccer shoes have become very fashionable items with producers such as Nike soccer shoes, it is very important to choose practical soccer footwear, rather than the best looking pair. If you are a parent of a soccer player you will know that kids want the latest [tag-tec]soccer shoes[/tag-tec], generally the ones that their soccer hero is wearing and of course, the color has to be cool as well! Before you spend your money, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you outlay all that money.

If you mostly play on soft surfaces then shoes which utilize screw in studs are probably the most suitable. These shoes are both longer lasting and incorporate the advantage of a high level of grip, such as found in Adidas soccer footwear.

It is very simple and inexpensive to replace the studs if they wear out, it is also possible to purchase different lengths of stud or blade for different conditions. The tips of the studs produced by [tag-tec]Nike soccer shoes[/tag-tec], in metal or very dense plastic and it is this part that is actually known as the cleat.

For harder surfaces, the best soccer footwear choice is the moulded stud soccer shoes, they differ from traditional ‘football boots’, in that they do not have studs that can be removed. They give an excellent grip for hard surfaces, and most major soccer shoes manufacturers such as [tag-tec]Adidas soccer footwear[/tag-tec] now sell ‘firm ground’ soccer footwear which is very suitable for play on astro turf.

Some of the more expensive Nike soccer shoes incorporate leather uppers but most soccer footwear is made from a variety of synthetic materials that offer different properties. Leather soccer footwear is comfortable and is popular with professionals. A big drawback with these shoes is that they often can not be used in games for sometime, as they need to be used extensively until they become supple however soccer training is a good opportunity to do this.

The sole design of soccer footwear as well as the relative stud pattern is highly important when choosing a pair of soccer shoes. In the end, comfort and proper fit are the two most essential factors, providing ease of movement and far less risk of injury. [tag-tec]Nike soccer shoes[/tag-tec] offer an interesting selection of footwear that incorporates a firm but flexible sole, along with a comfortable gripping upper.

It is important to take your time choosing the correct pair of soccer shoes which are right for your normal playing surface. Additionally, ensure the fit is correct and the shoe provides the most comfort for your feet and lower legs while playing.

If you are looking for a great pair of soccer shoes, I have selected a large range of shoes which will cover all sizes and budgets. You can browse through these in my online soccer store by clicking here.

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